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Le célèbre loader Wiiflow permettant le lancement de vos backups Wii via support USB, carte SD se met à jour pour notre plus grand plaisir.

Pas de changement révolutionnaire, Wiiflow continue simplement sur sa lancée et nous propose sa mise à jour afin d’améliorer sa rapidité et sa stabilité. A noter tout de même le support de Quadforce, l’émulateur Triforce pour Wii (pour ceux qui ne suivent pas, on en parlait ici : http://www.xavboxnews.com/quadforce-4-1-emulateur-triforce-sur-wii/ )

Wiiflow 4.1.3 est à récupérer ICI

wiiflow 4.1.3

Et pour ceux que ça intéresse, voici le changelog :

hey guys, time to update to 4.1.3!
not much changed this time but you know stability updates are important, thats the log:
-added my ntsc-j patch for gc games, meaning you should be able to play japanese gc games on non-japanese properly now
-updated the wii game video patching, now if you set video patching to normal or higher, it will also apply the sneek video patch, this will give you a much higher compatility in patching video modes
-added fwrite patch, just set debugger to OSReport
-fixed up some neek rev checks
-replaced the « Disabled » hooktype by « AUTO », meaning it will automatically set the hooktype VBI for you if you want to use cheats but forgot to select a hooktype
-added debugger pause back, it will be automatically enabled if you just use debugger but no cheats
-added full plugin dol path support, meaning if you use for example
dolFile=usb1:/apps/snes9xgx/boot.dol as dol file path,
wiiflow will also load it from there, if you just specify for example
dolFile=snes9xgx.dol, wiiflow will add the plugin path to it to build like
usb1:/wiiflow/plugins/snes9xgx.dol for loading
-added plugin dol path auto partition searching, meaning if you do
dolFile=apps/snes9xgx/boot.dol, wiiflow will check through
sd:/apps/snes9xgx/boot.dol, then usb1:/apps/snes9xgx/boot.dol, etc.
-updated wiiflows libraries, this should give more stability especially for cover loading
-added quadforce 4+ support
-added a new plugin argument, {name_no_ext}, it will get replaced by the filename, just without its extension
-now required and selected categories are cleared whenever you change source(s)

Source : code.google.com

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